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KJUST Dedicated Car Bags Set / Front 2 pcs for Tesla Model 3

KJUST Dedicated Car Bags Set / Front 2 pcs for Tesla Model 3

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The Car Bags Set is dedicated to Tesla Model 3 (2017+)


In a set:



Wherever you drive your car, we offer you an extremely practical solution, which will help you to avoid many problems. Designing the structure of sets, we have taken care of optimal using packaging space so that you could pack up to 30% more stuff in your car trunk than now when packing in traditional bags.

Our car bags are tailor-made to perfectly fit trunk space. We offer a set specially prepared for your car model. Have you ever been offered such a precise solution to most of your travel-related preparation problems?



  • Travel bags are asymmetric.
  • Hand bags - designed on sport football bags.
  • Air handbags dedicated to cars and planes.
  • Dedicated as cabin luggage.


Fabric: Polyester 1680 D; Black

Grip material: Seatbelt

Lining: Polyester, Black

Rack on wheels: Travel bag: metal, black, extendable handle

Wheels: Rubber

Lock: Spiral, black

Handles: Metal, nickel

Logo: Embroider


Convenient and easy packaging.

Everything, that dedicated car bags are capable of holding, for sure will be suitable for the trunk. You will pack up to 30 % more stuff, and packing itself will just take up a moment. Do traditional bags offer the same comfort?

Safety in the journey.

Dedicated car bags arranged in a set will not move during traveling, which is extremely crucial when violent maneuvers. Such a set of car bags constitutes a milestone in preparation for safe journeys.

For vacation and for everyday usage.

The dedicated bags we have on offer are not limited to use only when driving a car. Each bag can be used as a separate piece of luggage. Our travel bags can easily exchange as cabin luggage, as they are equipped with rubber wheels and a retractable handle. Whereas sport bags are equipped with an extra separate pocket for stuff requiring separation.

Convenient storage.

Car travel bags, which are on offer are practical in terms of their storage at home, or a garage, etc. in situations when they are not just being used. Their unique construction enables you to fold them almost flat. Cabin luggage and traditional travel bags are not always as convenient, aren’t they?


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