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Classic Alcantara Dashboard for Tesla Model 3 / Y

Classic Alcantara Dashboard for Tesla Model 3 / Y

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Model 3 and Model Y swap Your dashboard for Ours.



Our Model 3 and Model Y dashboards are genuine TESLA and wrapped in top-quality Alcantara. 

ALCANTARA® is the Result of unique, proprietary technology and thoroughly avant-garde material with aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities that no other material can equal. And is used in most top makes of cars. The material is soft like suede and durable like leather.

Fits Generation 2 New 2021-22 models. 

Here is how it works: 

  • Check your car’s make and model matches the ad description
  • Contact us and we will discuss the colour option and book your vehicle in. 
  • Your current dashboard will be replaced at our workshop at no extra cost for the dashboard with the new top layer. 

Terms and Conditions

All our parts are guaranteed to be genuine original equipment unless otherwise stated. 

The customer’s vehicle part for exchange must be in a serviceable condition - not cracked or damaged 

FAW Customs will only accept customers' parts that are identical to the ones ordered by the customer. 

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